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May 16, 2014

Innovation Travel Gala

Innovation Travel Gala was organised in the evening of May 15 for celebrating the innovation in tourism & travel.

The participants - touroperators, journalists, bloggers, business people - were delighted by the fabulous concert held by Constantin Moscovici - the master of panflute from Republic of Moldova.

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 The Moldavian panflute master Constantin Moscovici - the special guest of Innovation Travel Gala - with bloggers and journalists.


Managing partners of Innovation Travel with Dumitru Graur (the President of the Association of Sport Journalists) and his wife.

Constantin Moscovici, the Moldavian master of panflute, had a memorable concert that lasted one hour

The concert of Moldavian master of panflute, Constantin Moscovici

Raluca Repanovici & Traian Badulescu, managing partners of Innovation Travel.

From left to right: Traian Badulescu (Innovation Travel), Igor Himich (vocal singer from Republic of Moldova), Sorin Repanovici (manager of Atlantykron Summer Academy, General Secretary of George Marshall Association), Constantin Moscovici (panflute singer from Republic of Moldova) and Raluca Repanovici (Innovation Travel).

 Innovation Travel team and Val Valcu, well known journalist (Antena 3, DC News).

Carmen & Dorin Ivascu (Regional Air Support).

 Bloggers and travel agents.

 Petre Dordea (infotravelromania.ro), one of the best media partners of Innovation Travel.

 The designer Alin Dinica and his models. He introduced to the public his new collection of jewels and accesories, called "Precious".